November 2015: After the build (some minor issues still pending...) I switch over to the next phase: testing the car and the setup.

Nov. 8, 2015

The first test drive failed due to not properly programming the controller. My wife was even more excited than me, that's why I show this video!

Nov. 15, 2015

This is the second attempt, again filmed by my still excited wife, she pressed the wrong camera button when I started from my garage. But, contrary to the bad weather, the test drive was fun and my friends enjoyed rides around the circle in my street. So the car made appr. 2km already!

Dec. 27, 2015

We made several rides now and here is what I can say about range: Yesterday we started at 112.4V, drove 41.5km (average speed 55.9km/h), voltage down to 106.5V (after letting the batteries rest for 2.5h).

Drove another 40.2km (av. speed 52.3km/h, lights on), voltage down to 104.5V, then recovered to 105.2V after 1h and 105.5V after another 15h.


Dec. 31, 2015

today we had to recharge when we were on tour in our city, voltage while driving dropped below 85V. So the total range since the last full charge on Dec., 25th is 126,6km.

A friendly fellow and his wife let us plug in at their house, we took 1.5kwh for free (thanks, guy!), had a nice talk and just before getting cold feet we drove home another 3,3km.

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